Thursday, November 02, 2006

ForM Japanese Site Looks At K10D

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ForM, aka. "For Men", declares the Pentax K10D is the best new camera for men. To demonstrate, they have pictures of an amply stocked whiskey bar, a steel rollercoaster, and a sailing ship. Okay, I'll admit that this is no different than GQ Magazine saying a particular watch is the must have for men this winter, but the semantics are kind of sexist. Having said that, they do have some really nice pictures of the K10D and some new high ISO images you may want to look at. Overall, they really gush about the camera and all the features, so it's worth a read, too.

Links: ForM Page 1 (Japanese), ForM Page 2 (Japanese), ForM Page 2 (English), ForM Page 2 (English)

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