Monday, November 20, 2006

K10D Is Shipping and Arriving Near You

Ned Bunnell got his K10D on Saturday, and other people who ordered their's early are starting to receive them or get shipment tracking. Some stores are starting to get a handful of units, and people who reserved one should be getting calls this week. Whoohoo!

Photo by Ned Bunnell, copyright 2006.

Ned's taken some cool pictures with his K10D out in San Diego that he's posted on his blog, and Japanese IT sites are starting to show more pictures and samples with a wide assortment of Pentax lenses. So if you're waiting on yours to arrive, whet your appetite a bit with these links...

Links: Ned's new K10D snapshots, PlusD Media Part 1(Japanese), PlusD Media (Japanese), nb. Galleries on page 5 and 6, IT Nikkei's K10D Sample Photos (Japanese)

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