Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kakaku's K10D Preview

Japanese website Kakaku.com has a 4 page preview of the K10D stuffed full of information gleamed from Pentax's recent tour of the camera in Tokyo and Osaka. Hisashi Tatamiya and Isamu Hirai from Pentax were interviewed and they go into details about the new camera's operation. They give the usual pre-emptive strike speech about noise levels not being entirely suppressed in lieu of higher quality images. But then Kakaku goes into detail about the new Tav and Sv modes, which I agree are the a big draw for me. There are also some big images to download, including one of the picture below which was taken in with the new Hyper Program settings, and a gallery of images with the DA 21mm, 40mm, and 70mm Limited lenses.

Photo copyright 2006, Kakaku.com

Link: Kakaku's K10D Preview (Japanese) (via PentaxLife), Part One (English Translation), Part Two (English Translation), Part Three (English Translation), Part Four (English Translation)

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