Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Korea Celebrates K10D and Pentax's Gold LX

Photo from AVING USA, copyright 2006.

The Pentax distributor in Korea, DonWon (Don Juan of nerd tech love), is plenty happy about the K10D's arrival, so they're hyping the Gold Pentax LX that was released 26 years ago. Whaaa? Well, the K10D and LX are both weatherproofed and feature-rich. That's why. AVING mistakenly says the "60th Anniversary" Pentax LX, but it was actually made in a gold edition to celebrate the 10 millionth Pentax SLR sold, in 1983. Pentax's 60th Anniversary and the announcement of the first LX was in 1980 (60 in roman numerals is LX). They also say it's "waterproof," which is not true either. So, there's really not a lot of news there, but any excuse to show off a gold camera is a good one, I say.

If you can't see the gold LX in Korea right now, consider a trip to the Pentax museum in Shinjuku to bask in its glory.

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