Monday, November 27, 2006

New Pentax Accessories: Pentax CCD Cleaning Kit and K10D Focusing Screens

This looks like something I might try out. I read via PentaxLife on DC Watch Impress that Pentax Japan is now selling a CCD kit that seems to be like the one they use internally for cleaning CCD screens (or rather, the low-pass filter glass over the CCD screen). It's a little stick with a soft rubber tip that you use to stamp on the sensor glass to remove dust and anything blighting your pictures. There's also a cleaning pad for the stamp. If it ever comes to North America, it will cost about $35.

Image from DC Watch Impress, copyright 2006.

Also, Pentax has announced new K10D focusing screens. There are now three that you can choose from to replace the screen in your camera; At first, it seemed that the screens released for the *ist DS (designated "60") would simply be the same for the K10D, as they fit relatively well. However, Pentax has new part numbers (designated "80") for K10D screens that should be in stores soon for about $40 US, which is a bit more that the previously. The Divided Matte screen, LL-80, has new center lines that divide into quarters, which is different from the "law of thirds/golden rule" division lines in the LL-60. It's likely that the new screens may have new coating as well.

Links: DC Watch Impress Looks at Pentax CCD Cleaner (Japanese) (English), Pentax Japan Accessory Page, PentaxLife

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