Tuesday, November 14, 2006

OK1000 Pentax Blog updates to Blogger Beta

I've just updated the underpinnings of the blog as per Google's plans to offer us free users a small handful of new features every blue moon. The new Blogger Beta has support for labels (aka. tags). I changed some of the layout and coloring while I was at it, but this doesn't represent too much of a change, so I hope it won't effect your reading.

Things I like: The archive is now in a drop-down menu, I can sort-of-kind use labels as category keywords, and the site updates now without rebuilding pages (truly dynamic). I don't like: ridiculous template choices, such as the need for a dark colored top-right menu (eventually I'll ditch the Google template tweaks all together), the inability to make archive pages with a seperate template, and the long list of labels, which threatened to make the right side menu stretch off into the horizon. For now, they're at the bottom. I much prefer using Word Press and Movable Type on my own server, but Google's image storage doesn't charge for bandwidth and I can park this blog here for years for free, until Google feels posterity is overrated.

Anyhow, hiccups are over for now. Over and out.

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ShadZee said...

I like the new look.

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