Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pentax User Photo Blogs

Photo copyright 2006, by Pochidayo

I really nice aspect to blogging is that it's easy to find other bloggers with similar interests, and so you may have noticed I've been collecting links to Pentax Photo bloggers. The criteria are pretty simple: it's a blog, the person posts photos to their blog that are consistently taken only with Pentax equipment, they're proud of that, and the postings aren't too stale (there have to be frequent updates). Here are the ones I've found that I think you'll enjoy:

- Pochidayo (English)
- Pixelgrain
- Ned Bunnell
- Remember to Breath
- Aperture
- Dennis Noble
- 5eptember
- JBuhler's Walter Molotov
- Mawz
- Dave Whalley
- Holy Fruit Salad (German)

If you have any others that you'd like to recommend because they fit the criteria, let me know, and I'll consider adding it to the blogroll.

And don't forget there are lot's of Pentax users at Flickr, too. Here's a list of Pentax groups you can find there.

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