Thursday, November 30, 2006

Toronto Star Is Happy With The K100D

The Toronto Star has a nice little write up on the K100D, comparing it favorably to the Nikon D70 and Canon Rebel XT. The title is "Pro quality for the masses." This is good to see, especially considering they came to the same conclusions my mother did this summer when she chose the K100D herself over the competition.

Toronto Star: "Its 2.5-inch monitor outclasses the D70's two-inch screen and the Rebel's puny 1.8-inch offering. Its 11-point autofocus is a class-topper. And unlike the other two, it has the built-in shake reduction, a big throw-in for the same price. You'll also save a few dollars buying its SD cards rather than the Compact Flash cards the other DSLRs use."

Above, Pentax K100D article at the Toronto Star Online.

Of course, the K100D doesn't use as much plastic as the other cameras, either, so it feels both durable and nimble, unlike any other DSLR camera out there right now. And it's to Pentax's credit that their kit lens, the SMC-P DA 18-55mm, has better flare resistance and contrast acutance than the other kit lenses, as well as Quick-Shift two touch focusing.

This shopping season, the K100D may not be as small as the Nikon D40 or have as many megapixels as the latest Rebel, but unlike the other new low-end models that are coming out in the same price range, the K100D isn't as functionally crippled for more advanced amateurs, or deceptive about lens compatibility. I've been astonished to see that it's possible to find this camera for sale now around $500 US (without lens). Just like I discovered back in August, the Toronto Star says it's really important to go try the camera out for yourself to make the comparison.

Link: Tornoto Star "Pro quality for the masses"

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