Saturday, November 11, 2006

Waterproofing Survives Assault On Common Sense

Updated at 3pm. As we have seen, the Samsung GX-10 is a rebranded Pentax K10D, so it goes without saying that the weatherproofing on the GX-10 will be almost identical to its Pentax counterpart. So what happens when the GX-10 falls into the hands of someone who feels warranties are for wimps? Why, they try putting the camera in a sink and turning on the faucet. And, Lo! It seems to have survived by the skin of its teeth. You should never in a million years do this. Ever. Just don't.

Photo by Limited-Jin, 2006.

This camera is only weatherproofed, it isn't meant to be soaked, submerged, under pressurized water, etc. I'm just making this extra clear if any one should get another really stupid idea and come running to me saying I said miracles are possible. Try to keep it dry, okay? And remember, no lenses are even waterproof.

Link: SLRClub Forum Thread by Limited-Jin


Anonymous said...

And neither is the camera, when subjected to pressurized water from a faucet. DON'T DO THIS with your own Samsung GS-10 or Pentax K10D.

Anonymous said...

It says on the original post that they used a nonfunctional lens...and all the new DA* lenses are water-resistant like the body

Anonymous said...

바디는 아무 문제 없다고 합니다.

Anonymous said...

Here is a snippet of an interview (translated from Japanese) with Mr. Tatamiya from Pentax itself:

Q: How secure is the weather proofing?
A: It is usually difficult to guarantee the weather sealing performance for SLRs which inherently require lens changes. However, the level of performance we aimed at is this. As possible environment that users might encounter, it was tested and confirmed that the camera would have no problem under the torrential rain storm or typhoon.

Anonymous said...

He tried this test with disabled lens and body is ok..

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