Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wi-Fi Card For DSLRs, Including Pentax

Been dreaming about shooting JPEGs with your Pentax DSLR and having the files fly wirelessly from your camera to a nearby laptop or network? Well, even though Pentax doesn't have its own solution yet, Eye-Fi does. Using 802.11b/g chips embedded in an SD card with 512MB (soon to be 1GB), Eye-FI is now selling their beta-untis at $99 a pop (and a survey). If you've got an *ist D, there's even a compact flash adaptor. But while it can't support RAW (boo-hiss), it's not too shabby. Seriously, this is good stuff and I hope Pentax considers Wi-Fi in future DSLRs.

Link: Eye-Fi Beta Sign Up

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Anonymous said...

I really wanted to test this card but the fact it can't transfer RAWs is a big downer for me. I'll wait for the commercial version with hopes it will support RAW files.

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