Thursday, December 28, 2006

AnandTech's DSLR Buyer's Guide Recommends Pentax

Comparing offerings from Sony, Nikon, Canon, and Sony across the sub -$1000 spectrum, AnandTech's has posted a 7 page DSLR Buyer's Guide which favors Pentax DSLRs in most categories. The K110D is the best entry-level value (-$500), the K100D ties with the Rebel XT as the best $600 camera, and the K10D is the best value for a 10MP camera.

AnandTech: "The new lineup of Pentax digital cameras is very impressive, and Pentax finally seems to have it right after several generations of near misses. Pentax is also offering some of the most innovative and interesting lenses currently available in digital photography. This includes the rebirth of the extremely thin "pancake" lenses like the 40mm f2.8 and 21mm f3.2, as well as new fast primes like the 31mm f1.8, 43 f1.9 and the 77mm f1.8, and innovative zooms like the zoom fish-eye 10-17mm f3.5-4.5.

That does not minimize the fact that Canon and Nikon remain the safe choices in all categories. Pentax has a long and illustrious history in innovative camera and lens design, but they are still a small company compared to Canon, Nikon, and now Sony. Perhaps the recently announced merger of Pentax and Hoya - who is the one of the largest "glass blank" suppliers to the camera industry - will provide even more resources for Pentax to continue the kind of innovation we are seeing in their current Digital SLR offerings."

Thanks to Michael R. for the tip.

Link: AnandTech's DSLR Buyer's Guide

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