Sunday, December 17, 2006

Carl Weese: On Buying a Camera (K10D)

Carl Weese, a terrific photographer and writer, who is also a great printer with both platinum and digital, recently adopted a Pentax K10D and some Pentax Limited lenses. In this weekend's T.O.P. he begins discussing his reasoning behind purchasing this Pentax digital as his latest camera. His previous digital was an Olympus E-1, and his camera collection includes Nikon, Leica, and others.

Photo copyright 2006, Carl Weese, from The Online Photographer.

Carl writes: "So what's my out-of-the-box reaction? The camera is small, but not delicate or dainty. Build quality is a tiny notch below the E-1, but that's a very high place to be, especially considering the remarkable price. The two DA lenses are metal and glass jewels, as solid and smooth as the finest lenses I've ever had from Leitz, Zeiss, or Nikon. They also have these quirky custom metal lens shades that are just, oh well: cute." Read more here.

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