Thursday, December 28, 2006

Carl Weese: Shake Reduction As A Virtual Tripod

Carl Weese has followed up his initial foray of writing about the K10D with 2 little essays (so far) about his uses for Shake Reduction. Because Shake Reduction has a more than one virtue, Carl focuses in on what's important to him on a trudge through the local woods: depth of field which requires smaller apertures, and usually a tripod, but this is where SR comes in to save the day.

Carl writes: "What I wanted to find out was whether the SR function of the Pentax K10D would let me stop down to apertures that gave the depth of field I wanted and deliver good results at the resulting shutter speeds, which could not reasonably be expected to work without anti-shake technology (I was thinking of, say, 50/50 success instead of one out of ten). This way I could walk around with the camera cradled in my hands, lens pointed down out of the drips and drops, and lift it only to make exposures of interesting subjects."

Was it a success? Carl thinks so.

"There are some captures that look soft at 100% view but few that wouldn't look fine (at least for resolution) sized for a small print. The amazing thing is that a large percentage of them look OK even at 100% and so could easily be interpolated up well beyond the native (13-inch wide) resolution of the K10D."

To see some images from his experiment, read more at T.O.P. and at his photo blog, where Carl's K10D has been making a regular appearance.

Links: T.O.P. Anti-Shake Article Part 2, T.O.P. Anti-Shake Article Part 1, Carl's Blog

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