Monday, December 11, 2006

Golden, Colorado: Home of Pentax US Headquaters

Pentax opened its first US headquarters in 1977, taking over the distribution from Honeywell, and set up shop in Englewood, Colorado. Today, Pentax's US HQ is in facilities in downtown Golden, Colorado. This is also where my camera travelled to last spring when it need a quick warranty repair. Ned Bunnell, Pentax's VP of US Marketing, took his K10D out for a quiet Sunday morning walk, keeping within a four block radius of the Pentax offices. If you've ever been curious to see what Golden looks like in the early winter, with pioneer spirit still echoing in the air, you'll want to take a peek at Ned's pictures, all taken with either the SMC 31mm Limited, or the DA 50-200mm. Thanks, Ned!

Photo copyright 2006, Ned Bunnell.

Links: Ned Bunnell - Golden, Colorado, Pentax USA

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