Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hoya and Pentax Are Merging: HOYA PENTAX HD

It's been announced today that the management from Hoya and Pentax will be merging next year to form a new company, HOYA PENTAX HD, that will draw on the unique optics strengths of each company. This includes the visual imaging systems groups that oversee camera and camera lens designs.

My first impression is that the camera division isn't likely to be dramatically affected (no, the K10D won't be tossed aside), but the Hoya name might begin to figure more prominently. Considering that both of these companies' revenues come mostly from optics technology and licensing, and consumer photography is a very small part of their pie, it's likely Pentax's camera and lens road map (as well as Hoya's Tokina roadmap) isn't going to get jostled very much and, if anything, will only get stronger.

From the Hoya press release:

TOKYO December 21, 2006

HOYA CORPORATION (“HOYA”) and PENTAX Corporation (“PENTAX”) announced today that they have reached a basic understanding aimed at a management integration of the two companies, expected to be completed on October 1, 2007. The new company’s name will be HOYA PENTAX HD Corporation. Under a corporate center with strategic planning functions, the new company will realign the business areas of HOYA and PENTAX. HOYA and PENTAX have recognized that they are the best possible business partners to establish a solid business structure that draws on their respective strengths. Through this management integration, the planned new structure will allow the new company to swiftly allocate significant management resources to develop strategic business areas, aiming at accelerating future growth.

Imaging systems area: (Major products include: digital cameras, binoculars, etc.) In order to enhance business value, the new company will differentiate its offerings by specializing in high-value added products with unique technology and will focus on areas where it has a competitive edge. This area will be positioned as a foundation for development of new optical-related equipment and is expected to diversify into the life care and security business areas.

Links: Hoya, PDF News Release From Hoya

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