Sunday, December 03, 2006

K100D: Highly Recommended by DP Review

Finally, it's been reaffirmed that the Pentax K100D is pretty much the underdog favorite camera to get if you're in the market for a new DSLR between 6 to 8MP, according to the latest review by Phil Askey at DP Review. A couple years ago, he appreciated the 6MP Pentax *ist DS and now he feels that any shortcomings that camera may have had have been fully resolved by Pentax in this year's model. Just like the postive K100D review at Steve's Digicams in September, this is a review that should be an eye opener for a lot of people looking for a new camera this Christmas. It's especially thoughtful of Phil that for once in a major review of the K100D proper attention is paid to the build quality, the impressive user interface, and long battery life. Way to go Pentax!

From Phil's conclusion: "Not only has Pentax improved in-camera image processing but they appear to have overtaken some of the competition, the amount of detail delivered is about as much as we could expect to see from a six megapixel CCD. [...] Our side-by-side comparison images show that there's really no advantage going from six to eight megapixels, jump to ten megapixels and you will get more detail although you do have to ask yourself how many times that extra detail will be visible in your final output (have you ever printed larger than A3, do you need to?).

One thing that may have helped to keep the K100D's price down is the choice of using AA / CR-2 Lithium batteries to power the camera rather than supplying a rechargeable Lithium-Ion and charger which are more common these days. That said we used CR-2 Lithium batteries in our K100D and the original set are still going strong after many hundreds of shots.

The clear step forward in image processing and the addition of Shake Reduction are enough to tip the K100D into our Highly Recommended category, this is the camera the *ist DS should have been and is a refreshing change from another strong Canon or Nikon."

To read more at DP Review, just click the image below:

Link: K100D Full Review at DP Review, K100D review at Steve's Digicams, Pentax K100D

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