Friday, December 08, 2006

K10D Has Usable IR Sensitivity With Long Exposures

While the *ist DSLRs and the K100D (and K110D) have decent IR sensitivity, a few people have been wondering whether the new sensor in the K10D would have an IR filter that would still be adequate for converting most photos to IR photos through the red channel (as discussed at Jen's website and here at OK1000). While the K10D does have stronger IR filtration, the word at the DP Review forums is that the K10D is successful with IR providing you compensate with a higher ISO and longer exposures and understand that it will not be possible for handheld shots. "Janneman", who lives in the Netherlands. experimented with the K10D to come up with the exposure below after processing his RAW file for false color. His persistence to get a usable IR shot after his first handheld shots for IR were too underexposed should inspire a few K10D owners to try it out.

Photo copyright 2006 by Janneman. Pentax K10D, SMC-P DA 18-55, 8s, f/3.5 at 18.0mm, ISO 400

Links: Jen's IR, Pentax DSLR Infrared Photography, DP Review Forums, Janneman's PBase galleries


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The coloring is out of this world, nice work.

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