Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pentax Releasing A New Firmware Update To Add More SDHC Support

Pentax is presently offering a free firmware update through Pentax Japan's website that adds new compatibility for recent SDHC memory card (SD cards with over 4GB capacity). There is nothing else mentioned in the update notice, so the firmware update is just for SDHC compatibility and only for the following cameras:

PENTAX *ist DS Firmware update Version (2.02)
PENTAX *ist DS2 Firmware update Version (1.02)
PENTAX *ist DL Firmware update Version (1.03)
PENTAX *ist DL2 Firmware update Version (1.02)
PENTAX *K100D Firmware update Version (1.02)
PENTAX *K110D Firmware update Version (1.02)

To play safe, the update should be available in localized websites like Pentax USA shortly, so it's best to wait for your region to offer the download so that if you have issues you'll be able to follow up there for support.

Link: Pentax Japan Download Page

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