Monday, February 26, 2007

Pentax Products at PMA 2007 and Photo Expo Japan

It looks like the forthcoming Pentax 645D is gonna be 31MP, because the demo unit Pentax plans to have at PMA is slated with those specs, according to the latest press release. They've also got the 55mm F/2.8 lens to go with it.

645D, photo copped from DP Review.

And at the upcoming camera shows, you can expect to see a new clip on flash for Pentax DSLRs, the AF200FG, as well as the new DA* line up in all their gold ringed preciousness, and the DA 35mm prime I've been hearing so much about.

Pentax AF 200 FG Flash (guide no. 20)

Links: DP Review and the Pentax Press release for Feb 25th, 2007, Pentax Life on the new DA* Line-Up

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