Wednesday, March 07, 2007

ACR Calibrator and the K10D

Don't have PictoColor's $149 InCamera Pro 4 for calibrating your camera to your image editing software? A Pentax K10D user posted his settings for ACR 3.7 after calibrating his camera with the free Photoshop script ACR Calibrator (written by Chromoholics, not Adobe) and a Gretag-MacBeth color checker chart. The ACR Calibrater script is pretty easy to use, even though it's only good for ACR 3.4 (you'll have to tweak the code to get it to work for ACR 3.7 - described below). I can't vouch for how accurate it ultimately works. But if you don't have access to a Gretag-MacBeth chart and you use ACR 3.7 (the first iteration which supports the K10D Raw files) and want to do something new with your K10D, you might want to give the settings MSKAD achieved a try. He did the work of getting ACR calibrator to run with ACR 3.7 and had a chart photo done with his K10D and then wrote down the resulting adjustments on his blog.

Above, screen capture of ACR Calibrator by Chromoholics.

To add support for ACR 3.7, you will need a text editor to open the .jsx file and add this phrase to the "initialize" part of the script:

if ( this.version == "3.7" )
supported = true;

And then you save the .jsx file and copy it into your Photoshop CS2/3 scripts folder. Thanks to MSKAD for bringing ACR Calibrator to my attention.

Links: Chromolics' ACR Calibrator, MSKAD's K10D ACR Recipe, InCamera Pro 4 Calibration Software

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