Friday, March 09, 2007

DP Review at PMA 2007: The New DA* Lenses

DP Review is at PMA this week and yesterday they were at the Pentax booth looking at the gear and taking pictures. If you wanted to see a few more images of the upcoming DA* lenses, they've got pictures of the DA* 16-50mm on the K10D, the 645D, and the AF200 flash, and, under glass, some of the other forthcoming lenses Pentax will release this year. I've heard that the DA* 16-50mm is surprisingly lighter than it appears and that the supersonic motorized focusing is indeed fast and smooth on the K10D.

The K10D and the DA* 16-50mm, photo copyright DP Review, 2007.

The DA* 60-250, DA* 300, and the DA* 200, photo copyright DP Review, 2007.

Links: DP Review: Pentax at PMA 2007

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