Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hell Freezes Over. Apple Updates Aperture with Pentax Raw Support: K10D, K100D, K110D Now Work

Finally. Along with OS X 10.4.9, this afternoon Apple has officially released support for all the recent K series Pentax digital cameras. This works for iPhoto as well, once you update your software.

The Mac OS X 10.4.9 Update:
"Adds support for the RAW image formats of these third-party cameras: Leaf Aptus 17, Leaf Aptus 22, Leaf Aptus 65, Leaf Aptus 75, Leaf Valeo 11, Leaf Valeo 17, Leaf Valeo 22, Leica Digilux 3, Nikon D40, Pentax K10D, Pentax K110D, Pentax K100D, Panasonic Lumix DMC-L1, Samsung GX-1L."

Links: Aperture Notes Doc, Apple OS X 10.4.9 Update


Rob said...

whoa, hell did freeze over twice today. I noticed on Ken Rockwells website (Mr. Nikon) he actually has the K10 on his hot list and will probably review it. What the? - watch out here comes Pentax. It's about time for Apple, the camera must be selling well. As a lifelong Pentax owner, I can't believe the amazing images I am getting out of my K10.

Anonymous said...

That's nice to read, because my next digital body will be K10. But I'm deeply disappointed as there is no support for my current body: Samsung GX-1S, which is basically the same as *ist DS2, which on the contrary is supported.

That's a price for having Samsung, I guess :>

rory said...

And still not support for the *ist DL2 !

So after another 10.4.x update, I have to do ye olde Raw.plist edit AGAIN.

Jim said...

Rory, you've gotten the PLIST edit trick to work? It will not work for me, and I've tried many times.

iPhoto (latest version) simply will not retrieve PEF files from my DL2, and will not import them when dragged from the Finder. The PEF files do show thumbnail icons in the Finder, but they will not open in Preview.

I'm completely stumped.

OK-1K said...

If someone can point me to a DL2 PEF file that I can download, I'll give it my best attempt at finding a way to import into iPhoto and document it here.

Jim said...

That muchly, Michael. I will put up a sample PEF image where you can find ASAP and let you know.

I will also hack the raw.plist file on a friend's machine next week to see if the problem is my machine.

Jim said...

Michael, you can find a PEF file generated using my DL2 here:


Your help is greatly appreciated.

OK-1K said...

I have the file now. I'll let you know soon what I can do. In the meanwhile, email me whenever you want me to delete your comment post with the link.

OK-1K said...

Jim: I looked at your file in it's hex code and couldn't see anything the matter, but I can confirm your files won't work after updating the plist.

The hex dump said...

PENTAX Corporation .PENTAX *ist DL2 Ver 1.00

I then tried editing the RAW.plist file in a variety of ways to get DL2 support... I tried the usual way, and I tried the new way which tells one key identifier to refer to another...

<key>PENTAX-*ist DS2</key> <string>PENTAX-*ist DS</string>

I also tried an alternative, leaving out the hyphen between Pentax and *ist, because the PEF file's Hex dump could never mention a hyphen. But that didn't work either.

The defacto way which does work (I've verified it will work with your file) is to use Adobe's DNG converter and save the new file as "uncompressed." You can then drag the new DNG file right into iPhoto or Aperture and edit it as a Raw with all the mosaic data intact. But that's not as nice as official support, because it can add almost 3MB of additional file size.

Jim said...

Michael, you're a gentleman for helping out. At least I know that it's not my machine, and I don't need to try reinstalling OS X just to test this. Thanks muchly.

Your blog is, as always, a great read.

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