Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Luminous Landscape: A Single Pentax K10D Survives Antarctica But Some Canon and Leicas Fair Less Well

Michael Reichmann's recent trip to Antarctica with about 50 other photographers sounds like it was quite a lot of fun. But maybe not entirely for the people who experienced camera failures of various kinds. In his write-up of what equipment the group took this year and what did and didn't have trouble, there's a mention of a lone K10D user who had no trouble to report. That's good to hear. If he or she ever reads this and wants to share a picture of the trip with me, I'd love to see it. Meanwhile, more than a handful of Canon cameras frustrated their operators with various problems after incliment conditions, and even one new Leica M8 just stopped working for no good reason. There's no good reason to snicker at the situation, because if it were you and your equipment didn't make it through the trip of a lifetime, you'd be pretty upset, too.

Which one of these lucky folks had the K10D? Photo copyright Luminous Landscape, 2007.

Link: Luminous Landscape: Antarctica 2007 – What Worked? What Didn't.

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KAYNE said...

wow i am super interested in photography too. What kindah of pictures did u all take there?

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