Friday, March 09, 2007

New 3G Lensbaby for Pentax 67

One of the most unique toys you can get for your Pentax is a Lensbaby, which is like miniature bellows lens for your camera. The idea is that anyone can get great DOF and focusing effects by manipulating the tube and bending the direction light moves through to your focal plane. Lensbabies are pricey, considering that there's no real glass optical element, but they're one of the most creative tools you can enjoy with a camera. The aperture is selected by drop-in rings, like F8. The cheapest version of the lensbabies lineup, the original, uses a slightly less quality lens, while the latest version, 3G, has better optics and handles to twist the bellows with utmost control. They come in either M42 screwmount or K-Mount, and as of today... Pentax 67 mount. Cool beans!

Photo copyright 2007 by Lensbabies.

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