Thursday, March 08, 2007


Someone sent me this image which was taken at PMA 2007. I don't have a photo credit for it, so let me know if you took it and have any issues with me hosting it here. The text reads (for those of you using web translators):

"You're a Pentaxian. A loyalist. A diehard. You once carried a K1000 around with you everywhere, only reluctantly setting it down to take the occasional shower. You tell your kids bedtime stories about those heady days when the camera simply known as "the Pentax" was the best-selling SLR made. You don't spend countless hours pixel-peeping. You just take pictures. And while you may be tempted, on occasion, to turn to a stranger on an elevator and say, "the best auto-focus SLR lens ever made is the Pentax 31mm F/1.8," you'd really rather be using your equipment than talking about it. Pentax understands that cameras don't take pictures, photographers do. Our new digital SLRs are the result of our listening to Pentaxians and delivering tools for true photography lovers. These cameras are already creating many more loyalists. So the question is: can these newcomers count themselves among the diehards? Hey, we're Pentaxians, not photography snobs. Welcome to our club."

Yeah, that about sums up why I run this blog (I don't mind being blatent about rooting for a company even when its in their best interests to stroke their customers' egos and it's condescending a bit), but the ad wizard forgot one thing, I still have the K1000 and it's got film in it, dude. You just can't give a good thing up entirely.


Raul said...

Heh, I think it's referring to that Popular Photography blurb which also said the Contax G1 45mm/2 Planar and the Voigtlander 50mm/3.5 were the sharpest lenses.

OK-1K said...

I think it has more to do with the fact that when you start admiring something you use, like an awesome lens, you just want to talk and talk about it. I sometimes get that way about my Mac. My wife says, "Alright, I get it. You love your mac. Get a room, already." When I got my 35mm F/2, I wanted to shake my neighbour by the shoulders and shout out, "And it only cost me $25 in the used section! You have to get a Pentax! These things are profoundly... profound!" But luckily I have this blog to vent into and I don't attack my neighbours. Yet.

Anonymous said...


R to the P

castlema said...

What are the two camera at the bottom of the poster?

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