Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pentax updates K10D Firmware to 1.20 and Photo Lab to 3.11 for use with Remote Assistant 3, and updates Vista support for RAW

Looks like Pentax Japan opened up their support goody bag today and handed out some update treats to K10D users, like the updated Pentax Remote Assistant 3 application, which lets you tether your K10D camera by USB to your Windows computer and take pictures by its command. This is for Windows and the K10D only, unfortunately.

If you plan to use it, you will also need the updates for Pentax Photo Lab and Browser (v3.11) and the firmware to the K10D (v1.20) to support the remote application. Plus, RAW support for Windows Vista just got an update to keep everything on an even keel. This is always handy if you're using Vista to preview and process your .PEF and .DNG files directly from your Pentax K10D's SD card or the camera, so it won't hurt to update this even if you don't use a K10D but you use Pentax RAW formats requently.

Otherwise, If you're not using a Windows computer with your K10D, or aren't using a K10D at all, you can probably pass on these updates for now. If they offer Mac support in the future, or announce they officially support additional cameras, it'll all be rolled into a future update which won't need you to pre-install today's updates. You can always try an older camera with the Remote software, but if you manage to get it to work there's no guarantee you'll get all the same features as K10D users.

Links: Pentax K10D Firmware Update 1.20, Pentax Photo Lab and Browser 3.11 Update, Pentax RAW Vista Support Update (Vista only), Pentax remote Assistant 3 (Win 2000/XP/Vista only)

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