Saturday, May 26, 2007

Edmonton Journal: "Hobbiests Return To SLR Photography" article recommends Pentax K10D

Steve Markus of the Canadian newspaper The Edmonton Journal has written up a look at the DSLR field for summer 2007 after speaking with Wynne Powell of Canada's famous London Drugs stores, and likes what he sees. Amongst the cameras he's recommending photography enthusiasts take a strong look at is the Pentax K10D.

From the Edmonton Journal: "The single-lens reflex camera is back. But instead of film, it's digital, with all the frills of previously unaffordable cameras.

"The hobby is being put back into photography," said London Drugs president Wynne Powell. "The camera industry's push to make sub-$1,000 digital single-lens reflex cameras follows their encouraging year-over-year global sales growth of 39 per cent in 2006, compared to 14-per-cent gains in the larger point-and-shoot digital camera market.

(...) "With today's digital SLR cameras you can get better results than film," said Powell. "I never thought the day would come when I would say that," added the long-time veteran photo-professional before taking on his current job in the successful store chain. Like others, Powell points to the power of digital picture technology to capture, adjust and display photos in traditional photo labs, computers, the Internet, even cellphones.

A key digital SLR advantage is the RAW format it can shoot in, essentially an unprocessed photo that can be fixed off-camera, on computers, allowing for huge exposure and colour corrections.

But most affordable digital SLR cameras come with low-quality zoom lenses, to keep the initial purchase price down. One would have to spend as much money on a lens as they did on the camera to realize the 10-megapixel digital SLR's potential.

"I would invest in better lenses over an external flash," said Powell.

On the K10D: "This is an over-engineered camera with endless menus for picky shooters. It's the heaviest of the bunch and the only weather-resistant camera with soon-to-come matching lenses. Its dust-flipping magnetic sensor also shifts in shake-reduction mode, independently of the lens, for amazingly rock-steady photos under low light or with long lenses."

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Dr Hiding Pup said...

Definitely a classic in the making - though I feel obliged to remind your readers that the Olympus E-1 is even more weather-resistant...

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