Monday, May 21, 2007

LBA: Lens Buying Addiction and Free Giveaway

Details are at the bottom for how to get your hands on some of these stickers!

Many of us Pentax owners have a little problem that results from having more than 35 years of lenses that work with any K-Mount camera (over 50 if you use an M42 to K adapter). There are just so many interesting lenses from both Pentax and third parties that it's hard not to start wondering which are more fun, which are stinkers, what's more sharp, or which have good contrast, or are good deals. You start researching and then go on to trying them out one by one, collecting them, reselling them to buy others, on and on... until you realize you have an addiction to buying lenses. For a few years now, it's been common enough in Pentax circles to refer to it as LBA. If you get a new lens and want show it off, you're pretty much heading down the path of the LBA.

Sure it's insidious. But it's also galvanizing you into a stoic breed of Pentax owner. By virtue of the fact that in the last 2 years the market value of most used Pentax lenses has gone up dramatically, you could surmise that more people are becoming lens addicts every day. And if you think you might have LBA, "lens buying addiction," or are an LBA, "lens buying addict," try taking the following little test...

1. Have you ever searched eBay for the words "Super Takumar" and filtered it for those auctions that are only "Buy It Now"? (Try it now)
2. Do you compulsively look into the used lens section at camera shops or KEH for anything that could remotely fit on a Pentax camera? Even though you already have the focal range of 15mm to 300mm covered with your present lenses?
3. If someone says they have a 50mm Pentax lens, do you question them further to find out exactly which version it is, and depending on the answer, do you get smug or jealous?
4. Have you purchased more than 3 of the Limited lenses?
5. Have you ever put your lenses in a display case?
6. Have you ever hidden receipts because "no one else needs to know how much I paid for it"...?
7. Have you ever felt pride in getting a lens for under market value and set that as your new "threshold to break"? For example, you pick up an SMC-M 28mm lens for $15 bucks, and now you're on the look out for grabbing anything for under $15 that could qualify as "a better deal"...?
8. Have you ever drawn up a short list for which lenses to bring on a trip and then thrown in some extras "just in case"...?
9. Have you ever stalked a lens on the internet, by researching it tirelessly for days by looking for sample shots, qualified reviews, tests, etc., and this lens pre-dates the internet?
10. Did you pre-order a DA* lens and get giddy just thinking about its arrival this summer?

Answer yes to any two of them and I think you probably have LBA.


To celebrate this addiction, I have some stickers (pictured above) to give away this week, courtesy of Pentax! They sent them to me and I've decided to pass them along. Consider me a happy vector for viral marketing. Just email me, and maybe tell me what's your favorite lens. Optionally, include a picture of your lens (or lenses), minimum 400 pixels wide. At the end of the week on Friday at 12pm EST, I'll randomly choose three of you lucky readers to get some free LBA stickers! I'll snail mail stickers to 3 random winners wherever they are in the world, even if it's Antarctica. One minor rule: Don't send any photo that you don't want the public to see, because if you win I'm going to post your photo on this site (copyright reserved by you, of course).

Email: ok1000pentaxblog (at) gmail (dot) com, just redact the (at) for @ and the (dot) for . or click the link.

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