Friday, May 04, 2007

New Coupon: Pentax's Picture Perfect DSLR System Rebate

I just found out about this today, but I guess Pentax USA updated their seemingly perpetual rebate coupon for May 1st with some new deals. If you're looking for a new K10D or the K100D, you might want to do the math.

It gets you up to $50 off a K10D or K100D, and as much as $150 off when you buy the kit with the DA 50-200 lens. Honestly, the DA 50-200 is such a nice lens, I'm pretty amazed that Pentax is practically giving it away for about $50 bucks when you buy it with a camera. Seeing as the upcoming DA* lenses that should be out this summer aren't listed, I'm thinking we may not seem them shipping until August.

All the usual lens rebates of $50 to $100 are still running, as well as the $25 to $50 rebate on flashes, and a special rebate of $125 when you buy the K10D and BG2 battery grip together. One coupon at a time, though.

FYI, USA only, and it takes about 6-8 weeks for the rebate check to arrive. This has been my experience with the rebate coupon I sent in this year. You send in the filled out coupon form, the UPC code from the box of the item you bought, as well as the original receipt and you're set to get a check in the mail. I typically photocopy everything before I mail it in, just in case.

From Pentax USA: "Cash in on a plethora of rebates on purchases of K10D/K100D, AF-360FGZ/AF-540FGZ flash units, BG2 Battery Grip and an array of PENTAX lenses. Download the rebate coupon and act now to build the system that is essential to your experience. Rebate offer valid May 1, 2007 through July 31, 2007."

Links: PDF Coupon, Pentax USA Rebate Offers

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