Friday, May 11, 2007

OTP Comments on Pentax's Efforts To Avoid Takeover Bid By Hoya

The rumors started yesterday after Japanese newspapers started reporting that Pentax will make an announcement shortly about what it will do to stave off a takeover bid by Hoya. I didn't want to comment in case they got the details wrong, but Mike over at the Online Photographer is making a comment today, so I'll point you over to him until we hear from Pentax.

Here's what he says:

"The news is filtering through from Japan that Pentax is scrambling to resist the takeover bid by Hoya... For one thing, this will probably spell the end of the company's film medium format camera lines. Still uncertain is the fate of the previously announced medium format digital camera.

"On the other hand, the company is profitable and apparently no layoffs are planned, which bodes well for employee morale."
- Mike Johnston, The Online Photographer

Link: OTP "Pentax Retrenches"

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