Friday, May 25, 2007

The ME Super defined "me"

At the Depth of Fish blog, Patrick has written about his Grandfather's gift of a Pentax ME Super camera that he used for a high school photography class. There is tremendous sensitivity in this writing. It clearly defines how familiar objects can transcend their utilitarian value when they're imbued with love. Patrick writes:

"It was a Pentax ME Super, which I still have to this day. He loaned it to me, knowing how much I would enjoy it. He knew before I knew. (...)

And I carried Grandpa’s camera everywhere I went, in my backpack or around my neck. It got me into school events for free (along with a press pass). It helped me create friendships with people whom without it, I would never have talked to. I photographed football games, from the field (which I absolutely loved). I photographed foreign exchange students for an article (which was one of my best photo projects then). I photographed teachers, and landscapes, and pets… all with Grandpa’s camera. During high school, that camera was the only thing that allowed me to truly be who I was. No faking to get into this group, or fit into that group. It was me. It was me, being me. And the feeling of the camera swaying from my neck… well, there was nothing that could beat that. (...)

Grandpa didn’t loan me a camera. He gave me something that will last for the rest of my life. He gave me something that helped me find me."

I hope you'll read the whole entry here, it's worth it.

Link: Grandpa's Camera


Depth of Fish said...

Thank you for the blog, and the link to my post. I didn't realize so many people would be interested in that story. I truly appreciate it.

ShadZee said...

I put it my blog as well. It is a great article.

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