Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pentax Japan website has sample K10D photos taken with new DA* lenses

Photo from K10D with DA* 16-50mm, copyright Pentax 2007.

A reader has just let me know that recently Pentax updated their K10D page for their Japan site with 2 photos taken DA* lenses, the DA* 16-50mm and the DA* 50-135mm. I wish I'd seen these sooner, I might have gotten on the waiting list for these lenses a bit earlier. The site has all the metadata details. For example, below, you can see that the DA* 50-135mm at 1/1000 sec, F5.6 and ISO 100 is a great action lens.

Links: Pentax K10D website, Hi-Res Photo 1, DA* 16-50, Hi-Res Photo 2, DA* 50-135

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