Friday, May 25, 2007

Pentax release Mac version of Remote Assistant 3, also Samsung update GX-10 to firmware 1.20

(Update: note there is also a bug fix update for the Windows version of Remote Assistant to 3.01, here.) If you have your K10D and would like to tether it to a Mac to control the camera remotely or record shots directly to the computer, you no longer have to bother using a PC for Remote Assistant 3, which was released PC only last month. The best thing about version 3 is that it can operate 2 cameras at the same time. It can also handle interval and time lapse photography. Just note that there are two seperate versions, one for OS X 10.3 and one for OS 10.4, so download appropriately.

Also in doppleganger news, Samsung released their version of the K10D firmware update 1.20 for the GX-10. It says on the Samsung page that it was released back in March, but that would have been a full month before the K10D's version, so I'm not sure that the date they have is correct. The first I've heard about it is today. You'll remember that on the same day at the end of April that Pentax released Remote Assistant 3 for PC they also released firmware 1.20 for the K10D.

Links: Remote Assistant 3 for Mac OS X, Samsung firmware downloads, Pentax updates K10D Firmware to 1.20 and Photo Lab to 3.11 for use with Remote Assistant 3, and updates Vista support for RAW

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