Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pentax promo video highlights its loyal photographers

In this neat video made sometime last year by Pentax (although I'm not sure they had anything to do with it getting on YouTube), a whole bunch of different photographers from around the world, like Henno Drecoli, describe what they like about their cameras and lenses, as photos from their portfolios play on with music. Yes, I assume they're all using Pentax equipment even though it's never stated directly, but it's a promotional video so what did you expect? There's a huge diversity in the subject matter of the photos, and it's entertaining for a YouTube clip all the same. (A commenter says it was a DVD at least a part of the K10D box's contents in parts of Europe...)

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Anonymous said...

That is a DVD enclosed in the K10D box. It contains two promos video: the one you mention and a second one which lists all (presently) available lens.
I you were not aware of such dvd I can suppose that's available only for the European market.
(Do you remember the promo VHS tape enclosed with the PZ-1 more than 14 years ago?...)

TOBOGI said...

This is really old one.

OK-1K said...

Ahh... You know, I'll double check my K10D box contents. Anyhow, old news or not, the first time I saw it was yesterday, so somebody out there must be like me and missed it, too.

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