Friday, May 04, 2007

Photographer Leaks Rumors About 2 New Pentax Cameras and Paris PMA 2007

Well, I don't usually help to spread gossip, but because this is so scant on details and it's pretty positive news, I figure I'd mention it.

Pentax sponsored photographer Benjamin Kanarek just posted at the forum today that when he met recently with Pentax in Paris, to discuss the Pentax involvement in the PMA Photo Salon this coming October, they gave him some info regarding Pentax's plans for announcements coming later in 2007. Benjamin tries to not spill the beans but he coyly states that Pentax has slated two new cameras for this year, and they won't be replacements or updates to the K100D and K10D (and this is after he said he is not referring to the 645D).

Benjamin writes:

"There will be two (2) you heard it, at least two new DSLR's coming out in the Fall, that will not conflict with the K100 or the K10D!

There will be a slew of new lenses.

Pentax is NOT going out of business. They have just opened factories in China and Vietnam and are investing heavily in R&D.

There is a new marketing approach that is being implemented that will orient the retailers towards Pentax, which will be very innovative to say the least. This approach will commence in the European territories.

Pentax France is the most robust of all of the other European companies and are doing extremely well.

I will also add that Pentax are working overtime to alleviate some of the growing pains that some of you have encountered and will find solutions asap."

People are guessing that the two cameras could be a fully pro camera or a smaller DSLR to comepete with the Nikon D40x. Either way, it's good gossip.

Links: Forum, Benjamin Kanarek


Benjamin said...

Correction: it is the "Salon de la Photos" in Paris October 3 to 7, 2007.

Here is the Link:

OK-1K said...

I was just making the salon sound more anglo, but that distorts what's happening. Thanks for the correction and the link.

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