Thursday, May 10, 2007 Reviews The K10D, In-Depth

Klaus and Sebastian over at have out done themselves with a very detailed review of the K10D that examines resolution of the sensor and color fidelity with examples that are easy to understand. They also go over the accompanying bundled software and compare the 18-55mm DA kit lens to the 16-45mm DA lens.

K10D with the SMC-FA 50 f1.4. Photo copyright, 2007.

Their opinion? It's all good, and will only get better once Pentax releases more lenses later this year to fill out the telephoto range with quality glass.

Link: K10D Review


RiceHigh said...

"All good opinions"?? Klaus has concluded about "Major Cons" and "Minor Cons" in his review.

From what I can see from his new findings, there are actually something serious to be worried about:-

Klaus Schroiff's K10D Review at PhotoZone - RiceHigh's Pentax Blog

OK-1K said...

Well, they didn't slam the camera, because even their minor and major cons were nothing to totally sink their overall impression.

I mean, I wouldn't call the negative points "serious" worries, because buttons for WB or average in-camera JPEG quality hardly seem worth getting antsy about. Even though the AA filter business was enlightening, it was described as an intentional trade-off so even that seems like a thumbs up.

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