Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Think Camera Reviews Samsung GX-10

Think Camera have reviewed the Samsung GX-10, which we all know is a rebranded Pentax K10D, with the same features but having undergone cosmetic changes. 9 out of 10, says reviewer James Corrin.

"The controls are mostly well positioned for thumb and finger, and despite a few awkward switches they're easy to use (...) Many of the other buttons are also a bit spongy, possibly a side effect of making them weather resistant. But the GX10 isn't afraid to have a few buttons, so nearly all of the commonly used functions have their own dedicated switches or dials on the outside of the body, including focusing mode and photometry settings. This design is to be applauded for the rapid access it offers, though notably there's no way to set the ISO value without going through the menus."

Link: Think Camera Reviews Samsung GX-10

1 comment:

Phil said...

It's a shame these reviewers don't upgrade the firmware first! I'm fed up with reading that ISO can only be set through the menus when this is no longer true :(

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