Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More Kudos for the K10D: India, PopPhoto and the NY Times

The K10D is finally hitting India, with India Digital Life Style Distributions announcing their distribution of the camera. I can't imagine why it wasn't available there already, but if this helps it show up in a Bollywood musical, preferably with Asha Bhosle singing about its "saucy RAW ways," I'll be happy.

Last week, Popular Photography Magazine announced its Editor's Choice mega list of favorite cameras, software and gear, and the K10D picked up the "Camera of the Year" moniker for Advanced SLR cameras.

From PopPhoto's Jonathan Barkey and Russell Hart: "Ruggedness is an advantage that sets professional SLRs above lesser models. The very affordable Pentax K10D erases that distinction, though. Pentax's top D-SLR delivers pro-grade weatherproofing for hundreds, even thousands, of dollars less than other models with similar cladding. And none of those D-SLRs offers the K10D's combination of image stabilization, automatic dust removal, and in-camera RAW "developing" made possible by a powerful new imaging engine."

It's the in-camera "after the fact" RAW developing options, like adjusting white balance and exposure, that seems to have cinched the deal.

Meanwhile, David Pogue looked at the K10D camera and compared it to entry level cameras from Nikon (D40x) and Canon (400XTI), the Sony A100, and the new live-view Olympus 510 (probably the real closest competitor). David's opinions are mild, essentially saying that each camera serves a specific group of photographers well, and the K10D's group is advanced amateurs with no need for "scene" modes.

David Pogue: "This weather-resistant tank of a camera (...) is a more serious piece of gear. In some ways, that is good. For example, the 10D is the only camera here with a top-mounted illuminated status screen that shows the battery charge, shots remaining and so on. It offers both dust removal and in-camera stabilization. The big, bright eyepiece viewfinder is sensational."

Links: Popular Photography Editor's Choice Advanced DSLR, David Pogue's Tech Column at the NY Times (via Pentax Life)

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