Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lens News: Zeiss ZK Coming and Pentax DA* Shipping

The new Zeiss ZK lenses (more pics here).

Mike at T.O.P. is spreading the word around today that Carl Zeiss is going to be releasing new K-mount manual lenses for Pentax this coming August, specifically their Distagon, Planar T, and Macro-Planar T line-up. PentaxLife mentioned it as confirmed a little while ago and the press release soon followed. (Link)

Boxes of the new DA* lenses.

Also, Ned Bunnell happily reports that Pentax Japan is shipping their first DA* lenses to distributers in the USA, but it may take until September before the backorders are completed. That means that you're not likely going to stumble across one at B&H Photo, Adorama or Calumet, let alone Ritz Camera, until then. Maybe if you pre-order now you might still have a chance. That's Ned's photo above. (Link)

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