Monday, July 30, 2007

Pentax apologizes for not having enough of the DA* 50-135mm has pointed out that the Pentax Japan website is displaying an apology for having already run out of the DA* 50-135mm, which has proven so popular in Japan that they've had to increase their production order to try to meet the demand for the rest of the summer and fall. There are two ways of looking at this: it sucks if you are desperate for the lens in the next few weeks and you didn't pre-order, but it's awsome publicity any time demand out-paces production (like the Nintendo Wii).

Link: DSLRPhoto news item, Pentax Japan

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Denis_Lim said...

The increased Pentax user base is certainly putting pressure for quality lenses. Pentax went thru the doldrums with their lacklustre 35mm AF SLRs, forcing them to close many production facilities and stop production of their FA lenses.

The success of their new cameras have rejuvenated the company's fortunes but it will take time for them to scale up production. Unfortunately time isn't on their side, esp patient Pentax users clamouring for good zooms.

Denis Lim

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