Friday, July 20, 2007

Pentax Tidbits For Friday: Pentax Cruises, K100D Super Book, etc.

In case you haven't seen these elsewhere, I'm throwing up some tidbits from the last few weeks:

Pentax USA is sponsoring Photographer's Cruises with Cruise West in 2008. There's going to be "Mexico's Sea of Cortez Whales and Wildlife" for 8 days from Cabo San Lucas, starting January 19, 2008. "Pacific Northwest Coastal Escape" for 8 days from Seattle, starting April 27, 2008. "Alaska's Whales and Wilderness" for 9 days from Juneau, starting both May 23 and July 4, 2008. And "The Panama Canal and Costa Rica: Between Two Seas" for 10 days, from Panama or Costa Rica, starting March 26 and December 2, 2008. Professional Pentax photographers will host on-board workshops, and there'll be hands on instruction with the Pentax line up of equipment, including the newest Pentax products. Expect Pentax to be involved in their marketing for the cruises throughout the next year. (via Ned Bunnell)

Also, Ned Bunnell has posted some info about how Pentax USA has a new company handling their rebates. The Continental Promotion Group is taking over for the old Express Group, but there should be no delays for delivery. To learn more about Pentax USA rebates visit this link.

According to quarterly reports seen by The Asahi Shimbun (Herald) Olympus inched ahead of Pentax in Japanese DSLR sales this May and June because of the E-410 (despite the 4:3 lens system and poor SR). Newbies are really into tiny DSLRs like the D40 right now... which is why I still love my little *ist DS. However, I hugged my K10D today after it took an awesome picture of Con Ed workers on Lexington Ave. this morning. I was at Grand Central about 5 minutes before the "steam volcano" on Wednesday, and believe me, judging by the horrible mess I'm pretty lucky I didn't stick around.

The author of the K10D Book, Yvon Bourque, is going to be putting out a K100D/K110D/K100D Super Book later this summer. He's got a sign up sheet for those who want to be notified when it's on sale. I've got the K10D Book and it's really smart (more on that soon), especially if you've just bought the camera and are new to Pentax DSLRs.

Also, Kenko is doing a 360º Pentax Angle Finder (above), with optional 2.5X magnification, that will work with every Pentax (and other SLRs) thanks to included adapters. The Kenko KF-001 will be shipping in August, no word on pricing yet. I have a Kenko extension tube set that is solid and well-crafted, so I imagine the angle finder, even if it's a bit retro-looking, will be similarly good. (Pentax Life via DC Impress Watch)

And, finally, Bruce Robbins has recently been at The Open in Carnoustie, Scotland, with his trusty K10D, and he's taken some really nice shots, all processed with Adobe Lightroom. Earlier this month he mentioned how he uses onOne software and Jack Davis' free Lightroom presets as a jumping off point, and he's really happy with how both Lightroom and the presets have helped him process and manage his photos better.

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