Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday Tidbits: FA 31mm Limited, K10D Grand Prix, etc.

Scranton, Pennsylvania, (c) Carl Weese.

Carl Weese has posted another look at the Pentax 31mm Limited at T.O.P., this time exploring the ambidextrous possibilities of using it as a normal lens (it's a 47mm APS-C equivalent) for both wide-angle and tele-photo framing. I think I have to agree with Carl that I appreciate a slightly wider field of view than what is typically considered normal (50mm), and a 24mm lens on a APS-C sensors (roughly the 35mm equivalent of a 36mm lens) is also the sweet spot for me. As an aside, I'm glad that Carl is recovering well from his recent illness. As another aside, I'd like to think that photo above was taken at Dunder-Mifflin. (Link)

Jens has recently updated his Pentax Flash Technique page with more info on the *ist DS's internal pop-up flash with a cool flash reach table you can print out. His webpage is a great resource for information on Pentax DSLR internal flashes and P-TTL flash. (Link)

Katsunuma, (c) Pochidayo.

And one of Japan's most popular Pentax bloggers, Pochi, has been using a K10D Grand Prix Edition for the last little while. It's only cosmetically different from the typical K10D, but it's obviously inspired him to take some great shots, including some outstanding work done with just the Sigma 17-70mm DC Macro, his lens of choice for travelling as of lately. He manages some very smooth bokeh. Also, I hear that Pentax USA had ordered just 1o copies of the special edition camera for sale in the U.S. and that there might be some in stock. (Link)

Shizuoka, (c) Pochidayo.

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