Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tidbits for Tuesday: iPhoto '08, More DA* Sample Pics, More Blogs

Steve Jobs announces iPhoto '08, photo via Engadget.

iPhoto '08

Apple announced an iMac refresh today and the latest version of their iLife application suite for Mac OS X, which includes a new version of iPhoto. I love iPhoto, and I'm glad that they've made easier to use without having to set up smart folders or use "rolls" like folders anymore. iPhoto now has the ability to create event folders from rolls and includes new sorting features familiar to Aperture and Lightroom users, notably quickly hiding images based on star ratings and keyword searching. Also, new .Mac sharing is more like competitive photo services, allowing you to present images in online galleries with the option to protect certain photos or allow hi-res downloads suitable for printing. Your gallery visitors can even contribute to your gallery. It's yet to be confirmed if previously unsupported Pentax cameras, like the *ist DS2 and K100D Super, are going to be able to use the new iPhoto without hacking the application. iLife '08 will be free with new Macs or $79 seperately. .Mac subscribers have 10GB of storage space for photos, movies, and websites they create ($99 per year).

Apple iPhoto, Macworld Apple Announcement Info, Engadget Coverage of iLife 08

Aperture Test of DA* 16-50mm at F/11, ISO 200. Photo by Ned Bunnell

DA* Photo Samples

As you know, plenty of people are starting to receive their DA* 16-50mm F/2.8 all over the world, but it's still in very short supply. Ned Bunnell posted more shots taken with his lens this weekend, and he specifically made shots that explore the entire focal and aperture range. Personally, I think the photos show that vignetting and corner sharpness seem reasonable, but the wide-angle distortion is a bit more pronounced than the DA 16-45mm F4, although still a very good quality. What makes the lens so wonderful is evidently the brilliant contrast and bokeh of the 9 aperture blades. The bonus features are the weather sealing, SSM, and protective coatings. This is a really special lens.

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Pentax User Photo Blogs

Finally, I'd just like you to look at the right side menu of this site, which includes lists of Pentax related sites ("Pentax Diaspora") and people who blog with their Pentax camera ("Pentax User Photo Blogs"). In the last couple of weeks, I've added some new people to the blogroll and I urge you to check them out, because there's some good stuff to read and see out there. I tend to pick people for the blogroll who update regularly with photography as their main subject. If you think I'm overlooking anyone, let me know and I'll see about adding them to my list.

Links: Mark Roberts, The Daily Someone, Phil Zucker, Yvon Bourque, and Mark Dimalanta

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Tobogi said...

Hi. I am not sure whether I am good enough to be qualified, but I am also posting all of my photos with my Pentax K100D.

Mine is in Korean, but photos are photos, right?

My blog is called, 'Tobogi's Photo Album' and address is, http://tobogi.tistory.com


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