Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ned Bunnell: The New President of Pentax Imaging

Congratulations to Ned (pictured right), who is best known as the Marketing and Business Development V.P. at Pentax who blogs and helped launch the Pentaxians campaign. He's the new President of Pentax Imaging. You can refer to him hence forth as El Capitan. Also, James Kast will now be helping to develop some possible printer solutions, as he's been named V.P. of Sales and Marketing for the Pentax Printer division. Let me let the press release do all the talking here:

GOLDEN, CO. (October 17, 2007). Ko Torigoe, president of PENTAX of America, Inc. is pleased to announce that Edward H. “Ned” Bunnell has been appointed president of PENTAX Imaging Company.

Ned Bunnell’s knowledge of the photo industry, accomplishments as a professional photographer and experience in product planning, channel marketing and business development at Canon Computer Systems, Polaroid, Adobe Systems and NEC Information Systems will be important skills as he leads the company to achieve greater success in the U.S. market. As former vice president of marketing of the company, Mr. Bunnell will assume temporary responsibility for the sales and marketing divisions in addition to his duties as president. In his new position, Ned Bunnell will report to Mr. Ko Torigoe.

James Kast, former president of PENTAX Imaging Company, has been appointed vice president of sales and marketing for the PENTAX printer division.

“This structural change in PENTAX Imaging Company has been made in order to explore the business opportunities on a broader basis in both the imaging and printer business units in the U.S. market,” said Mr. Ko Torigoe.

Ned recently updated his blog with some shots taken with the upcoming DA 18-250mm lens. I was wondering for a second if the release of the lens might have meant anything metaphorically for Pentax, such as if it presaged Ned's ability to see both the big picture and get the close-up details at the same time. But I could just be reading things in.

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creezy said...

Congratulations from this side of the world, too!

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