Monday, October 08, 2007

The Online Photographer: The Pentax K10D Lands at #1 on the Fall 2007 Recommended Camera List

Mike at The Online Photographer assembled a list of cameras on sale now (no soon-to-be-shipping models are included) he thinks are worth recommending for the fall 2007 season. And the K10D lands at number one. The K10D has been a pet camera at T.O.P. all year, with Carl Weese's extended posting on his use of the K10D and various Limited lenses throughout the year, as well as really glowing reviews. Now in this latest summary, Mike makes his point that the camera is really deserving the hype:

"Pretty much the camera with the mostest at the moment for the serious amateur and artist. Solid performance in the 10-megapixel DSLR class, a viewfinder to rival the D80/D200's, in-the-body Shake Reduction (I've almost lost track of what everyone calls theirs—image stabilization, essentially), not too terribly big or small, weatherproof, and very favorably priced—and it's got peerless lens compatibility, which is just plain fun. You can get modern AF zooms, a decent selection of independent-maker optics, tiny pancake AF primes, or you can mount manual-focus lenses going all the way back (with the proper adapter) to M42 screwmount, for heaven's sake."
Considering that the camera can be found for around $850 and it still has more features than any other DSLR in that league (including the budget Olympus), it's a well-deserved kudos from the T.O.P. team.

Links: T.O.P. Ten New Camera Recommendations

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