Monday, October 22, 2007

Photography Blog Reviews The Pentax K100D Super

Gavin Stoker at Photography Blog has written up a detailed review of this summer's Pentax K100D Super. Aimed at people unfamiliar with the first iteration of the K100D, Gavin gives a complete overview of the features, image quality, and design. His conclusion? That the camera is worthy of 5 stars of 5, "Essential!"

Above, an unaltered JPEG from the K100D Super, (c) Photography Blog.
Gavin writes: "Having the arrogance to call your camera 'Super' places it justifiably in the firing line for a critical kicking. But having used the camera for more than six weeks, that thought has never entered my head until now. That's because the Pentax K100D Super ticks very nearly all of the boxes for those wanting an easy to use DSLR that delivers images you'll want to keep straight out of the camera; and with the minimum of user input and effort to boot. That said, there is enough room to grow built in for those of us who do want to do more than simply point and shoot, and first time DSLR users will have fun experimenting. Any camera that makes photography fun again gets a big, Paul McCartney-style thumbs up in my book."
Link: Photography Blog Pentax K100D Super Review

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