Monday, October 22, 2007

Pentax K10D: UK and Europe Recall For Plug Cord

Pentax UK is asking that K10D owners in Europe check their plug cable for a possible defect (detailed below and at this page) and is offering to replace the cable at no charge. This is for the K10D and certain Optio cameras sold in the UK and Europe from November 2006 to October 2007. This does not apply to U.S., Asian, or Australian cameras.

From Pentax UK:

As a responsible manufacturer, PENTAX take the safety and quality of the products we sell very seriously and we spend a considerable amount of time and effort ensuring that the products we sell meet all relevant regulations and standards.

In addition, we monitor the performance of the products that we have sold very closely to ensure that we identify any issues that may affect their safety, quality or fitness for purpose.


We have been made aware that some of the 3-pin plug cords provided with some of our cameras after 17th November '06 may reveal a manufacturing defect under certain conditions.

ITEM: 3-pin plug cord PL09593

Turn off at the mains before unplugging affected cables.

IDENTIFICATION: The plug cord is one of four types that were supplied with some Pentax Optio A20, Optio L20, Optio S7, Optio T20, Optio W20 and K10D cameras. To identify the cable in question hold the cable by the end with the 3-pins. Turn the pins to face away from you and look for a box containing the text "Approved BSI KM 45980" All affected cables also have a red fuse holder on the 3-pin plug. (See image)

The potential defect may arise if the connector is subject to stress, when a crack may appear in the figure of 8 connector that connects to a battery charger. The fault may lead to the electric contacts to becoming exposed possibly leading to injury.

LOCATION: The faulty plug cords may have been distributed through retail and e-tail outlets based in the UK.

WHAT NEXT: If you have a potentially affected plug cord please stop using immediately. Turn off at the socket before disconnecting. Contact Pentax UK Limited for a free replacement on:

FREE-PHONE: 0800 2889410

You will also be sent a stamped addressed envelope and asked to return the affected cord.

FURTHER INFORMATION: If you would like any further information please call: Free-phone 0800 2889410 Or visit:

FAQ: Download FAQ PDF (31 kb) here.

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