Monday, January 21, 2008

PDML's Mark Roberts Puts Together "Schwag For a Good Cause"

The PDML is the official unofficial Pentax-Discuss Mailing List, a user group email list that shares conversations about all manner of things that Pentax users tend to talk about. The National Childhood Cancer Foundation is a non-profit charity group that helps children and their families as they deal with cancer treatment (when I posted this on Monday night, their server was experiencing problems). Mark Roberts has put the two together by designing t-shirts, mousepads, and other Café Press items, all with PDML branding and quotes that he hopes to sell and then send all the profits as a charity donation to the NCCF. He's been keeping a list of his favorite "quips" from the PDML and you can find more examples on his website. The tongue-in-cheek goodies, such as a Pentax Gallery submission suggestion mousepad, are at the store here:

Robert is doing this on his own time as a volunteer to help cancer charity. If you've ever experienced "LBA," which was coined on the PDML, then maybe you'd be interested in taking a look at Mark's "Pentax-related schwag."

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Charlcie Steuble said...

Thanks for mentioning the Mark Roberts promotion of CureSearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation items. We so very much appreciate this support of childhood cancer research!

Yes, our website is down today with our IT team furiously working on it. However, our blog is up and available for those wanting to learn more about CureSearch at:

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