Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rumor Frenzy

Is this the Samsung GX-20? Photography Bay says it is.

In the last few weeks, there have been a few new rumors (supported with unverified photos) that indicate new DSLR cameras are coming soon from Pentax at this year's PMA. One of the biggest tipoffs happened in the last day or so, when a Samsung GX-20 apparently was showcased on a Norwegian website, and consequently pulled from the site after a short while. As we all know, Samsung's "G" DSLR cameras are rebadged (and slightly remodeled) Pentax DSLR cameras. Among the specifications for this Samsung camera, which could be similar to a rumored K20D, is mention of a 14MP CMOS sensor, Live View, and the return of ISO 3200. Also, pictures have been floating around of the rumored K200, which possibly integrates features from the K10D into a package similar to the K100D Super, including a port for a battery grip. 

Personally, I suppose any of the pictures could be real, because they don't show anything demonstrably unfeasible, and everything looks very appealing and likely to be competitive and successful. Rumors wouldn't be so popular if they didn't seem possible. However, it's important not to get carried away into the mystical land of What-Luxuries-The-Future-May-Hold, a place where you can lose your mind. And I take issue with Gizmodo charaterizing Pentax's lens line up as uninspiring... that's a thoroughly daft remark for them to make. Pentax hasn't announced anything yet about new cameras and mum is still the word. Stay tuned.


crc77 said...

The rumours have been getting out of control, but the real camera is more likely to be an incremental upgrade.

And unfortunately it's easy to see why the lens lineup is "uninspiring" when you look at limited availability, third party support only from Sigma (and they don't even support SDM yet) and no long zooms or primes available.

bradj said...

Maybe this will be alright after all. I'm really disappointed they're discontinuing the K10D -- that means that a lot of the firmware tweaking that could be done now won't be. And I really don't need more than 10MP in my next camera. (Actually even 6.1MP is fine, when attached to a decent lens.)

But if the K20D will compete against the D300, then okay, I guess. It must be a wicked crackerjack of a camera to turn my head though (and it better support SD cards and the K10's batteries or forget it). If not, the most Pentax can hope for is that I might snag K200D as my backup body.

I'm not buying anything SDM made by Pentax, Sigma or anyone else, until I hear a lot more positive feedback on it. So-so reviews are no basis for buying the most expensive piece of kit Pentax offers (50-135mm). For lenses, uninspiring is the wrong word -- they are very inspiring, just a little dubious on the follow-through.

Crc77, Tamron offers a few lenses for Pentax too. They've got their copy of the 18-250mm, and the 90mm macro, among others.

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