Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blog Reboot: OK1000 Resumes

Regular updates are about to resume for this website now that my batteries have recharged a bit.

If you've visited here in the past, you'll notice that there's a fresh coat of paint on the blog as of this weekend. The namesake camera, the Pentax K1000, is now proudly hanging from the top left corner, and for those who might notice, yes that's an SMC 50mm F1.2 lens (a very sweet lens). Some new blogroll requests have been added as well.

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day with news from Pentax at Photokina 2008. This follows on the really great review of the K200D by DPReview and Lars Rehm this summer (be sure to read it, the camera comes out Highly Recommended even with the sour grapes about it having no Live Preview). I hope you've all been doing well over the summer and have been happily taking pictures!

All best,



Editor: Yvon Bourque said...


Glad to have you back. We missed you.

Miserere said...

Good to see you back, Michael!

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